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Re: Re: Risks of low level radiation - New Scientist Article

That's interesting, but I am curious-- In a Case-control study, how

do you control for variables or  possible confounders that you

are not aware of? For example,  in a previous message, a possible

DNA configuration was postulated that would have the effects of

both increasing vulnerability to lung cancer and propensity toward

smoking. If this were true, it would account for the correlation

between smoking and lung cancer, but not a causal relationship.

This hypothesis may be implausible, but how could it be proven  


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> Otto,

>    Couldn't this observation apply to just about any epidemiological

> study?



> >"Lubin's mathematical analysis that shows that it is

> > theoretically possible that the non-LNT slope observed by Prof.

> Cohen may

> > be in error without limit as a result of some unknown cross-level

> > confounding relationship"



> NO, Case-control studies are not subject to cross level bias.




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