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Re: pstd -- another question

Hi Ruth,
I'll answer as best I can, which will probably displease you. ;-)

RuthWeiner@aol.com wrote:

Some time ago, Norman Cohen volunteered to answer my question about the use of the term "mobile Chernobyl" to describe spent nuclear fuel and radioactive materials transportation.  The question (paraphrased):

Do you, or does your organization, use this term in this way, and if you do, what is the basis for this use?

---- Because UNPLUG Salem Campaign focus on the Salem Nukes, we have not spent much time or energy on the Yucca/Mobile Chernoybl issue. However, the organization's position is basically NIRS's position, that there are too many risks in transportation and too many unknowns at Yucca to support that plan as of now. For details you can see NIRS's website, which you all consider wanton anti-nuke propaganda.
     Now, I personally, have a slightly different position. What bothers me about the Yucca plan is that it moves tons of waste to Yucca and thus allows nuke plants to continue to generate more waste. So, I'm willing to at least discuss the idea of taking the risks of Yucca/Mobile Chern only if all nukes are phased out and as they are shut down the waste from the shutdown nuke is then shipped to Yucca.  ----
This question actually dovetails into the ongoing discussion about post-traumatic stress:

Would calling transportation of spent nuclear fuel "mobile Chernobyl"  either cause traumatic stress to those living along the transportation routes  or cause post-traumatic stress disorder?

---- Perhaps,, unless you plan to use my "perhaps" as the basis of a lawsuit against NIRS for causing PTSD, in which case I'd answer "I don't know." Political spin and slogans pro/con exaggerated/hyped are nothing new. I understand your point - how far can protesters legitametly go? Its a good question, and one for which there is no easy answer. For example, one of our acitivsts continues to demand that we add a tagline to unplug salem that would read "before they kill us all". Our steering committee has rejected that tagline because its too provactive.  On the other hand we have free expression of ideas in the US. ---
Transportation of spent nuclear fuel is not, and cannot be, "mobile Chernobyl."  This is a total, egregious mischaracterization.  The phrase is used, and reiterated, by a number of anti-nuclear groups.  I would be happy to explain WHY it is a mischaracterization, but I believe RADSAFERs know why.  If anyone doesn't, please let me know.
--- Hey look, its a good, rhyming, catchphrase. Suggest a better one, and I'll pass it on. ;-) ---
My question is real adn straightforward, and I would like to know what everyone thinks.
--There's  my 2 cents. ---
Norm Cohen B.A., M.A.
Ruth Weiner, Ph. D.

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