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Re: NIMBY for Nevada residents

For better or worse, politicians, voters, and homebuyers don't have to pass your "reality test."  The decisions they make are the reality we have to live with.  (If most people think the world's flat, the map makers better comply if they want to stay in business.)  It's called democracry; just deal with it.

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Bill Lipton

RuthWeiner@aol.com wrote:

In a message dated 3/8/02 2:24:09 PM Mountain Standard Time, liptonw@DTEENERGY.COM writes:
Perception is reality; just deal with it.

No, it isn't (I actually have an editorial in Risk Analysis on this topic).  Instead of bombarding the list with examples that anyone can come up with, just remember the Flat Earth Society.  Even better is Aristotelean mechanics: a moving object will stop of its own accord.  That was not only perception, but observation.  It took Newton to correctly identify the laws of motion: a moving object stops when there is an opposing force that stops it.

The little mantra that "perception is reality" does nothing but promote  and lend credibility to, junk science.  It isn't a harmless idea that anyone is entitled to have (sorry, Bill).
Ruth Weiner, Ph. D.