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Re: NIMBY for Nevada residents

Galileo was involved in this type of situation back in

1633!  Are you justifying the popular, 'democratic'

(because nearly everyone at the time supported it)

move to put him under house arrest for saying that the

Earth moves around the Sun, rather than vice versa?  

Galileo didn't sell many "maps" [almost literally -

maps of the Solar System], but you and I wouldn't be

doing the things we're doing today (very little

science would exist) if he had "complied" with the

Inquisition's demands that the Earth is the center of

the Universe.  





~Ruth 2

 (If most people think the world's flat,

> the map makers better comply if they want to stay in

> business.)  It's called democracry; just deal with

> it. 

>   The opinions expressed are strictly mine. 

>   It's not about dose, it's about trust. 

>   Curies forever.  


>   Bill Lipton 

>   liptonw@dteenergy.com 



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