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Re: No link between mobile phones and tumours - study

on 9/3/02 11:18 AM, Dov Brickner at brickner@zahav.net.il wrote:

>> Two points:    1. Correlation does not imply Causation!

>> 2. Causation requires a Mechanism!


> Causation requiers more than mechanism. Causation requiers Good and

> repeated correlation, a dose -effect relationship is desireable, AND a

> plausible mechanism .


>> So, no causation, just some questionable correlations between minute

>> effects. Smells like junk science to me! How do these people get money?!


> Some of the guys I know , are doing the money  by feeding the press with

> the same disinformation. Then some of them get generous research grants,

> some give expert opinions in Court, and some get money both ways. from time

> to time I feel tempted to join them...


> Dov  (Dubi)Brickner   MD

> Beer Sheva    ISRAEL

Hey, if not for that, the LNT wouldn't exist! :-)

Regards, Jim


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