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Heat comment (Q: Which ear do you use for your mobile phone?)

First thanks to those who already responded to the question.

I got a heat comment and figured that some information I have might be of 

interest: I have been in touch with a person who was involved in actual 

measurements. What he told me was essentially the following regarding the 

superficial skin temperature:

1. Temperature without a mobile phone: 34 degrees C.

2. Temperature with a mobile phone held against the ear but not turned on: 

37 degrees C.

3. Temperature increase with NMT phones: 1-2 degrees C (we don't have NMT 

phones in Sweden any longer).

4. Temperature increase with GSM phones: About 0.5 degrees C.

It is important to note that this is for skin temperature. I assume that 

extra heat inside the ear would be taken away by the blood cirkulation. One 

may ask for parallels comparing with wearing a cap, spending the time in 

sun, having fever, taking in too hot food/beverage.

My personal comment only,

Bjorn Cedervall    bcradsafers@hotmail.com



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