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Infectious Causes of Malignancy - A Review article


An interesting and readable, medical journal review article on the role of bacterial and viral infections 

[among other infectious agents] in promoting different malignancies was recently noted in Medscape [see: 

Cancer Control 6(3):294-300, 1999.  1999 H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute, Inc] and can 

be viewed at the link below:


This reveiw is noteworthy and worth reading to help HP's understand the complex etiology of malignancy, 

with radiation being one of many risk factors. As noted in the Introduction:


It has long been believed that cancer arises from genetic changes and that the agents of these changes have 

roots in toxins or in the environment.[1] In this review, however, we discuss some of the infectious causes 

of cancer, both suspected and proven............"

Stewart Farber, MS Public Health

email: farbersa@optonline.net



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