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Although this is all true, it is important to realize that the failure is

caused by CalRAD. They (the "leaders" with a financial interest in the site)

refused to explain the lack of rad risk to the public, over many years.

Their greatest fear was that the need for Ward Valley would be seen as the

need for a landfill, not a $100s millions money-maker. So they had to

maintain the campaign "for" Ward Valley on the basis that "rad is bad" but

"we can succeed (at enormous cost and profit) in protecting the public from

this enormous risk."

This became most obvious when "CalRAD" refused to even 'explain' the NAS

study major point that pouring the Pu planned for the site directly in the

river wouldn't significantly raise the natural-alpha levels.

Rad use is dying because of the dishonesty of its practitioners. Nobody

needs the anti's, except to keep the public stirred up to maximize the costs

of analyzing and handling and "protecting the public" from rad/materials.

This is a "gamble" that's being lost. (Not unlike the utilities building

nukes on the basis that any cost is a profit when stuck to the public in the

rate-base - until the system blew up - but still paid off the utilities,

vendors, contractors, etc. at the public's expense, AND left the gullible

"nukes" who bought into the scam of their leaders out in the cold, with no

nukes to build or to operate! Fool me once...? Not this bunch. So dedicated

that "fool me 10 times in just a running start on a commitment to fail, for

themselves and the public!)

Regards, Jim

on 9/18/02 12:52 AM, BLHamrick@AOL.COM at BLHamrick@AOL.COM wrote:

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>> Terese Ghio, Chair of the California Radioactive Materials Management

>> Forum, 

>> an association of corporations and institutions that use radioactive

>> materials, commented today on the signing of Assembly Bill 2214 which


>> prohibits development of a disposal facility for low-level

>> radioactive waste



> This reminds me of one of my favorite quotes:


> "Suppose you were an idiot...  And suppose you were a member of Congress... 

> But I repeat myself."  -- Mark Twain


> Barbara




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