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Re: "Perception is reality"

> You're wrong here.

We're not debating opinion here, I was stating list policy. The policy has

been stated and restated, and will be further restated below.

> You have a double standard....

> Please consider a more objective standard for the context of the


> between "professional/technical" and "non-professional/policy-political"

ANY issue of radiation protection - practical, legal, social, ethical, etc.

is open for discussion. Criticism of the OPINIONS AND ACTIONS of anyone,

including other listmembers, legal entities, committees, etc. is fair game

in this subject area. PERSONAL ATTACKS, (use of the word "idiot", for ex. is

almost always a personal attack) is prohibited. Saying someone's ruling was

"idiotic" is very close to the line, and I would then judge based on more

content, but at least at face value it does not attack anyone as being an

"idiot". Choosing a better word than "idiotic" would certainly be a better

policy in the first place.

Jim, your attacks on various policies of regulatory and advisory bodies are

very pointed and bother some people, but I have no problem with them, IF

they avoid singling people (listmembers or not) out for personal ridicule

and attack. Listmembers may disagree with the actions of a particular

individual and say so, but they may NOT call that person names or otherwise

disparage their character, I don't care if they are pro-nuke, anti-nuke,

pro-LNT, or whatever.

Side notes:

1) Members of Congress or their staff may read this list. I object to the

recent comment about members of Congress being idiots, even in jest.

2) Saying "it's not about dose, it's about trust" is in no way that I can

see an attack on anyone. My opinion - it's a very nice policy statement that

more HPs could do well to take to heart.

As we have seen lately, people get frustrated with this list because of the

heavy traffic in general, and in particular with traffic involving some

pretty childish behavior at times. My definition of "professional" includes

more than the ability to understand a science and perform a task, it carries

also the ability to manage one's emotions and behavior in dealing with

others with whom we may not always agree. Remember that when you send an

email to this list, about 2000 people worldwide are watching what you do.

Remember also that these 2000 folks are generally quite busy, and are coming

to this list for information and discussion of topics about radiation

protection. If you want to send other emails to people on the list with more

trivial or personal comments, please do it to them personally, not to all

2000 listmembers. Being professional also involves respect for others' time

and sensibilities. THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK THE SEND BUTTON. Let's keep it

on-topic, professional, and courteous, and I know that the list will

continue to be relevant and helpful to many, thank you.


Michael G. Stabin, PhD, CHP

Assistant Professor of Radiology and Radiological Sciences

Department of Radiology and Radiological Sciences

Vanderbilt University

1161 21st Avenue South

Nashville, TN 37232-2675

Phone (615) 343-0068

Fax   (615) 322-3764

e-mail     michael.g.stabin@vanderbilt.edu

internet   www.doseinfo-radar.com


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