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Congression competence.

Some years ago I posted to Radsafe the verbatim testimony of Congressman

Nick Rahall regarding clean-up standards.  When the questioner asked Mr.

Rahall if he thought it sensible to, say, attempt to clean up a site to

standards that were lower than background, Mr. Rahall replied that there was

no background radiation in his state.

After the nature of background radiation was explained (accurately) to him,

Mr. Rahall reaffirmed that he was sure there was no such thing as background

radiation in his state of West Virginia.  If the old archives (ca. 1996) are

still available, you can dig up the original post.  [I don't have it, and no

longer have a Federal Depository Library across the street to look it up


Since Mr. Rahall has been in the news recently assuring us that there are no

WMD in Iraq, his testimony may be of current interest.

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