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Fw: Nuclear experts doubt terror risk

I think we should all congratulate Ted Rockwell for his work in getting this

work published.  We always talk about educating the public, and the public

needs to know that there are many competent experts who disagree with the

statements made by the UCS and others that the world will end if nuclear

facilities and waste are attacked.

We need to get away from statements that are simple black-and-write, and say

that there is a lot of gray in the world.  I think the public can be

educated, but not by strident statements based on fear.

-- John

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Certified Health Physicist

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> Subject: Nuclear experts doubt terror risk


Nuclear experts doubt terror risk - Group of scientists downplays threat

to nation's plants


By Julie Deardorff

Tribune staff reporter

September 20, 2002

Fears about the calamitous effect of a terrorist attack on a nuclear

power plant or its fuel are exaggerated, more than a dozen of the

nation's experts on nuclear energy said in a policy statement published

Friday in the journal Science.

Though it pulls together an esteemed group of authorities, the statement

received a mixed reaction from within the field. In June the National

Academies' Committee on Science and Technology to Counter Terrorism

published a report with several findings contrary to the statement in


Basic engineering and the laws of nature limit the amount of damage

terrorists can wreak on nuclear power plants and their fuel, according

to the statement, which was spearheaded by Theodore Rockwell, a retired

engineer, and signed by 18 of his nuclear power colleagues. All are

members of the prestigious National Academy of Engineering.

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