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Re: Fw: Fw: Nuclear experts doubt terror risk

In a message dated 9/22/02 11:07:19 PM Mountain Daylight Time, jenday1@MSN.COM writes:

What is interesting is that to the best of my knowledge, no federal agency
or organization, i.e., NCRP, NRC, DOE, FEMA, etc., have every made the claim
that small amounts of radiation will kill.  The LNT is for regulatory
purposes, not emergency planning.

For a while, DOE was reporting only latent cancer fatalities (LCF) in its environmental impact statements.  DOE and NRC both still report LCFs in these documents and they are CERTAINLY for small amounts of ionizing radiation.

On a personal note: in a talk in Aiken, SC I mentioned that I thought DOE should report only doses and not LCF, since this was just a  conversion with a multiplication factor.  The redoubtable Ed Lyman was asked his opinion of this, and on the next day, the front page of the Augusta newspaper quoted Lyman as saying "Dr. Weiner says radiation doesn'r cause cancer."  As you can imagine, there were somewhat unpleasant consequences for me,(though doubtless not for Lyman).

Ruth Weiner, Ph. D.