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Re: Dirty Bombs

At 07:42 PM 11/27/2002 -0600, Rad Safety Institute wrote:
Has anyone looked into the dirty bomb scenarios given on the FAS Web at this address:
The calculations are not documented (methodology/models?) and they violate all of my intuitions. The language is inflammatory, and the results appear quite exaggerated. Have any of you done any recent calculations we could use for comparison? All opinions appreciated!  Ed Battle

Ed, as a visiting, non-professional member of this list, my first reaction is this is based on the normal LNT calculations. I certainly think that the outer rings (0.05% increase in cancer) is in the statistical noise, but I'm not a statistician. I'd even go so far as to say the middle rings (0.5%) are questionable.

As to whether the entire city would have to be demolished would be based on what the cleanup standards should be. ALARA at what cost??? If we're seeing background radiation of 10ÁR/hr and the event adds 1ÁR/hr to that, is that any worse than moving to Denver? So New York or Washington become Denver? Do we demolish Denver?

Is the radiation you're measuring in the brownstone fašade from the device or residual in the stone itself? What was the measurement there before? Oh, you don't have it?

I think this is the type of press that used to scare the stuffing out of me. Thanks to the list, I've become more critical.

Did I pass the test?