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Re: Dirty Bombs

J. J. -
Do I recall correctly that many people in Goiania wanted their property to be certified as "cesium free"?
Jim Hardeman

>>> "J. J. Rozental" <joseroze@netvision.net.il> 12/20/2002 2:43:12 >>>
Yes I agree, and the manner of information is bad to public understand the reality and fiction and, as consequence, if such event take place to whom to believe. This was also my problem in Goiania, during the emergency response, dealing with public and professional perceptions and conflicts of information, distortion and misunderstandings, the main causes for the anxiety and discrimination in Goiania. 15 was lapsed from Goiania and still today remain nuclear jargons, abstract words, unfortunately spread by colleagues that probably never were part of a radiological accident.

I would recommend you to read the following paper: Amaral, E.C.S., Vienna, M.E.C., Godoy, J.M., Rochedo, E.R.R., Campos, M.J., Pires de Riso, M.A., Oliveira, J.P., Pereira, J.C.A. and Reis, W.G. (1991). Distribution of Cs-137 in soil due to the Goiania accident and decisions for remedial action during recovery phase. Health Physics, 60, 91-98.

Specifically the amount of  51 TBq (1375 Ci) of 137Cs in the form of CsCl2 powder Source  that was recovery, if you  are interested in Model of Calculus I can provide you contact with the Group responsible, please let me know I and I'll give you details to contact.

Jose Julio Rozental
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Subject: Dirty Bombs

Has anyone looked into the dirty bomb scenarios given on the FAS Web at this address:
The calculations are not documented (methodology/models?) and they violate all of my intuitions. The language is inflammatory, and the results appear quite exaggerated. Have any of you done any recent calculations we could use for comparison? All opinions appreciated!  Ed Battle