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RE:  the question about RTM 96.   I don't know if the document can be

procured like most NRC documents from the US Government Printing Office

because there isn't the usual advertisement on the inside front cover.  And

it isn't on the NRC website using the technical document reference of

NUREG/BR-0150, Vol. 1, Rev. 4.  However, if you are interested in dose

assessment methodology in general terms, there are at least a couple of

good references:  Faw and Shultis's excellent text, Radiological

Assessment: Sources and Exposures (I believe also sold by the ANS as

Radiological Assessment: Sources and Doses).  And the older but great

resource: NUREG/CR-3332, Radiological Assessment, edited by Till and Meyer.

RTM is a great "cookbook" but lacks the theory and flexibility.  Of course

if you're looking for easily performed bounding calculations for reactor

accidents, it is the best resource.

Eric M. Goldin



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