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Cobalt-60 Gamma Irradiator

!.  We have an AECL Gamma Cell 220 with about 900 Ci of Co-60.
I have been tasked to prepare a cost estimate for disposal.  
Has anybody had experience getting rid of this much Co-60 or 
an irradiator?  Bob Hoffman in Salt Lake City has and I will 
contact him.  Any information will be greatly appreciated.
If anyone wants such a thing, I feel sure my facility would be
happy to pay shipping.  We had it inspected a couple of years
ago and it's in good shape.
I'm going to take a shot at sending this message out of Forum to
 Peter G. Vernig
 Radiation Safety Officer
 VA Medical Center
 1055 Clermont St. 
 Denver, CO 80220  303-399-8020 ex 2447
For HPS if you belong to any Federal Government Agency offer of 
shipping to you is probably good.  For others it may still be possible
to give it to you although I doubt we can pay shipping.  The government's
system of passing on used uneeded equipment requies that first our
agency and then all fed agencies have the option to request it first
which of course takes time.  A year or more?