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Re: Looking for sources.


The easy answer is for you to get a code like CINDY and calculate the content of 
K in an average bannana, determine the K-40 content (.0118 abundance RHH 1970), 
and plug it into the code.

The hard way would be to get ICRP-30 and solve the diff-eq's yourself.

I'm sure the FDA has a "Reference Bannana" (assuming my tax dollar is well 
spent) with all kinds of nutritional information including K content.

You may also want to do dosimetry with K-40 naturally present in the body (See 
ICRP-25 Ref. Man).  ICRP-25 assumes all K is absorbed.


Take the ALI for K-40 (10 MBq, Federal Guidance Report 11) and find the fraction 
of this in the  Ref. bananna and use this ratio to calculate committed 
dose/fruit ingested (minus the skin).

This can be used to calculate the ALIB.....  Perhaps you could share that with 
us bannana lovers.

Please allow me time to sell my interest in this commodity prior to releasing 
the news worldwide.

Rob Gunter