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Re: vacancy - Rx operator

This add reminds me of a job posting for a Health Physics Supervisor at a
facility I once worked at.  The work going on there involved large amounts
of depleted uranium, envionmental clean-up, decommissioning of old
facilities and large components, and some old fuel and core debris in a
storage fuel.  A requirement for that position was nuclear weapons
management experience.  I don't know the NIST test reactor design, but
unless it is a Navy design that only ex-Navy personnel would know how to
operate, how can you restrict federal hiring to only ex-Navy at an NRC
licensed, non-Naval Reactors facility.  

>There is an opening for a reactor operator/engineering
>technician at the NIST research reactor (Gaithersburg,MD).
>Applicants must have nuclear navy training and experience 
>at the E-6 level or equivalent as Electrician Mate (EM).
>Electronics Tech's (ET) will also be considered.

>This position is subject to all the usual equal opportunity
>restrictions, etc for employment by the federal government, 
>and to all the provisions of the official position description.
David R. Lipp, Principal Engineer
Nuclear Engineering/Nuclear Operations Support Programs
Lockheed Martin Idaho Technologies
Idaho National Engineering Laboratory
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