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Re: Journal of Radiation Protection Dosimetry -Reply

At 08:48 21.08.1996 -0500, you wrote:
>Those in   other countries may not realize the parochialism that
>afflicts the USA.  I guess it's because we have so many resources of
>our own, that we rarely look overseas.  I have had difficulty finding
>non-American journals, and many organizations' document obtainers
>("librarians") seem not to know how to obtain them or where copies
>can be ordered. HPs at the working level have little chance to come
>into contact with non-US sources (except ICRP) even though at the
>higher reaches of the HP Society there seems to be awareness of
>professional activities throughout the world.
>That's why Radsafe is such a wonderful resource; there are no
>national boundaries.  Please, rest of the world, don't chide us, help
>us to know you.
>The opinion of J. P. Davis

Dear all in the USA,

I have only  w o n d e r e d , but I accept this explanation, though being
astonished. We Europeans always think of the USA as the "land of unlimited
resources". Maybe e-mail and radsafe will get us a little more together to
understand the conditions we live in in different parts of the world?

Nevertheless there were several very positive reactions to my comment - from
the USA.

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