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Eberline ESP1 -Reply

Rex Breheny wrote in part:
>I have replaced the 7663 positive regulator (A101), 2N4403 (Q101) and 
>2N4124 (Q102) as well as checking associated components.
>With the unit turned on the regulated low voltage is 8.8 volts 
>(instead of  5.0 volts) measured at 12B on the rest connector. The
switched Vc is 8.7 volts (instead of 4.85 to 5.0 volts)  again measured
> at 9B on the test connector.
>Any clues to solving this would be appreciated. 

Rex:  I showed your message to our electronics man, one of those
irreplaceable old timers you can't do without. He suggested that the first
thing to do was replace the capacitor C-14 as these things have a
tendency to go bad. The next thing to try is to replace the IC,  A11. Failing
that try replacing Q13.  By this time you have replaced darn near the
whole circuit, so I suggested to him that this was like using a
sledgehammer. When I asked why he didn't advise some sort of
sophisticated diagnostic magic he just shrugged.  He also said that a real
sledgehammer would solve your problem a little quicker as well as

Best of luck

Paul Frame
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