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Eberline ESP1

Hi Radsafers

Does anybody know how to fault find the regulated 5volt supply line 
in ESP1's. I have been trying for a couple of weeks now and no luck! 
I have replaced the 7663 positive regulator (A101), 2N4403 (Q101) and 
2N4124 (Q102) as well as checking associated components.

With the unit turned on the regulated low voltage is 8.8 volts 
(instead of  5.0 volts) measured at 12B on the rest connector. The switched Vc is 
8.7 volts (instead of 4.85 to 5.0 volts)  again measured at 9B on the test 

Any clues to solving this would be appreciated. 


Rex Breheny 
Radiation Health Section
radgovwa@sage.wt.com .au