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RE: supplier of H-3 light sources

Betalights are manufactured by: 
    Self-Powered Lighting
    8 Westchester Plaza
    Elmsford, New York 10523

A similar product called "Isolite" is made by:
    Safety Light Corporation
    4150-A Old Berwick Road
    Bloomsburg, PA  17815

bruce pickett
Boeing Radiation Health Protection
G-1210,  M/S 6Y-38
(206) 393-3098

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>Sent: 	Tuesday, March 11, 1997 11:12 AM
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>Subject: 	supplier of H-3 light sources
>I have a researcher who is looking to purchase some H-3 light sources.  He
>currently has a set 
>that consists of rods, disks, and spheres.  They come with different phospors
>to produce 
>different colored light sources.  He is looking to purchase something
>similar.  The original 
>supplier was a company called Betalight.
>Are these are still manufactured?  Does anyone know of any suppliers of this
>type of product?
>Jim Tracy
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