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Nuclear Powered Aircraft

After following the discussion on nucleared powered aircraft for a
couple of weeks, an old handbook mysteriously appeared on my desk,
but I have no idea from where, (maybe space aliens returned it).  

It is a 1963 Health Physics Handbook by General Dynamics for people
working at the Air Force Nuclear Aerospace Research Facility at
General Dynamics/Fort Worth.  Its foreword gives a little history of
the facility.  Began in 1951 to support Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion
Program.  Some accomplishments listed "increase in maximum operating
power level of the Ground Test Reactor (GTR) to three megawatts and
of the Aerospace Systems Test Reactor (ASTR) to ten megawatts." 
Other information is in the handbook.  If any history buffs want more
from the handbook, contact me at Michael.Burba@uc.edu.