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Re: Could a human survive on D2O?

> Date:          Mon, 5 May 97 13:11:52 -0500
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> From:          JOE BIANCONI <UMTRAHP@concentric.net>
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> Subject:       Re: Could a human survive on D2O?

> >Can anyone enlighten me?  If i drink heavy water all the time i suppose my
> >weight would eventually increase from 70gk to 75, but will anything else
> >happen?
> >
Are you talking purely hypothetically?  If not then when recovering 
D2O one will also collect tritium.  Perhaps is sufficient quantities 
to cause some radiaiton hazard, if D2O is the only source of drinking 
water.  Otherwise, if no tritium present, I don't think there would 
be much difference.  After all your only adding one neutron to a 
molecule that already has 18.
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