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RE: record on giving patient safety instructions

If I remember correctly, the issue of patient privacy appeared as a
relatively long thread a little over a year ago.  Anyone who knows
different, please correct me, but I thought there was a general (if not
universal) consensus that if the patient is acknowledging having been
informed of something, the only issue is whether you give that
information to others.  You have to tell NRC who your patients are if they
ask, because they have need to know for inspection purposes.  No one
else needs the information.  RegGuide 8.39 doesn't say it's a public

If you get sued by the patient because they say you didn't tell them,
they've opened up the floodgates on whether you can divulge their

Besides, if you disguise the person's name with a number or something,
but keep their legible signature, what have you kept confidential?  I think
it's not much of an issue to get too worried about.  Just keep those
locked up or filed with the patient record.

George R. Cicotte
Health Physicist III
Ohio Department of Health
Bureau of Radiation Protection
Low-Level Radioactive Waste Section

DISCLAIMER:  The Governor and I don't necessarily agree on official
statements - this is mine, and as such unofficial . . .

Regarding Mr. Wu's post on Wed, 14 May 1997 14:40:

. . . NRC guide 8.39 requires record of giving patient instructions (if
necessary). Is there a good way for documentation without having the
patient name shown. . . .