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Sorry fellow radsafers....I just coverted to a new email program that 
addresses replies a bit differently, thus the cause for a personal 
message going out to you all.

Again my apologies.........

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Thanks for volunteering to post info that RadSafers can read from 
someone other
than "armchair gumshoe" sources.  Being the lead investigator on the 
investigation board, it is inappropriate for me to comment in a public 
until our investigation is complete.  But I appreciate someone close 
to the
source willing to volunteer confirmed information for the benefit of 
our Radsafe
newsgroup.  Again, Thanks.

Rey Bocanegra
Senior Technical Advisor on Rad Protection
Richland Operations Office
U.S. Dept. of Energy
(509) 372-2868

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>I have lots of information. I was the duty officer for the Washington 
>State Division of Radiation Protection that night, and since it was 
>ALERT, we responded. Unfortunately, we are still following up and
>participating in our own investigation, but I will write a summary 
>our perspective when I have the time. DOE's press release is pretty 
>We are acting as an independent agency (both because of  our 
>program for radioactive air emissions and at the request of DOE, to
>verify that no plutonium escaped to put any public fears to rest. We 
>should have that done by mid week. I'll write a summary then. So far, 
>they don't know what caused the explosion.
>Allen W. Conklin
>Head, Air Emissions & Defense Waste
>Division of Radiation Protection
>Department of Health
>P.O. Box 47827
>Olympia, WA  98504
>Work - (360) 586-0254
>Fax    - (360) 753-1496
>Internet :  awc0303@hub.doh.wa.gov

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