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Ingestion of soil during excavation -Reply

Chris --

This week I attended an EPA course on radiation risk
assessments at Superfund sites. One of the example
problems was a "maintenance worker" ... the soil ingestion
rate for that particular scenario was 50 mg/d. I don't know
how applicable that would be to a cleanup worker.

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>>> "Chris Clement" <clement@vaxxine.com> 05/21/97
09:12 >>>

I'm interested in getting a reference on the soil ingestion rate
by workers
during an  excavation.  Is it generally assumed that trained
workers will
not ingest any soil, or is this an over-simplification?  Is this a
reasonable assumption if they are required to wear dust
masks in the
contaminated area?  I have a reference on adult ingestion
rates during
gardening activities (about 60 mg/h), but nothing for workers.

Thanks in Advance,

Chris Clement
Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management Office
Atomic Energy of Canada Limited