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Re: Permeability Info

     The best guides for permeability rates come from the manufacturers of your 
     PPE.  Try their websites.
     BEST Industries makes a safety directory that covers all sorts of PPE data. 
     You can down load glove data from their website.  Sorry, but I don't have 
     any of the net addresses for these companies.
     The Department of Energy also published a guide that defines some 
     permeability rates.  If you need the document, I'll look it up for you.
     Pete Darnell
     Health Physicist
     US DOE - Fernald

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Subject: Permeability Info
Author:  radsafe@romulus.ehs.uiuc.edu at FE-INTERNET
Date:    4/1/98 11:14 PM

Would anyone know of a good reference 
which discusses the permeability of
protective clothing such as rubber or 
latex gloves to various agents such as 
oils, acids and bases ?
Lee Mallory
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