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Job Opportunity

The following is being posted for my supervisor.  All contact should
be made via his email address listed below.  Please do not reply to my


Greg Sackett
Enercon Services, Inc.


Enercon Services, Inc., an employee owned company, has an immediate
opening for an experienced radiological assessor.  Experience and
qualifications include: M.S. or B.S. in health physics/radiation
protection or related engineering/physical science, 5 years conducting
assessments of radiation protection programs and determining program
effectiveness, minimum of 6 years experience in NRC, DOE, and/or Naval
Reactor programs, knowledgeable in DOE radiation protection standards
and requirements, computer literate, meet minimum criteria as Auditor
or Assessor in accordance with ASQC, RAB, or other similar
qualification program.  Successful candidate will have a DOE Q
clearance.  Send resume by e-mail to jay@washdc.enercon.com