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Secretary Pena Resignation

The following memo was sent this morning to all DOE employees by Secretary
of Energy Federico Peņa and is taken from our local Brookhaven net.

     FROM:                 THE SECRETARY

     DATE:                 April 6, 1998

     This weekend, I advised the President and Vice President that I
     would be leaving the Administration on June 30.  I made this
     difficult decision with mixed emotions.  There is never a
     perfect time for a decision like this, but I believe that after
     five-and-a-half years as a member of the Clinton Cabinet, the
     time is now right.

     I am leaving the Administration for personal and family
     reasons. Ellen and I have three wonderful children, and it is
     now time for us to focus on their futures.

     I have been impressed with, and want to thank, the
     extraordinary men and women at the Department of Energy for
     their hard work and dedication to our country, and for their
     loyal support of me as Secretary of Energy.

     I will be holding a press conference at 11:30 am today in the
     Forrestal Auditorium. Space will be limited but all are
     welcome.  The conference will be broadcast on DOE Channel 3
     (Forrestal) and Channel 73 or 74 (Germantown). The press
     conference will also be broadcast to the field via satellite on
     Galaxy 9; Transponder 2; 123 Degrees West; Frequency 3740 MHZ;
     Horizonal Polarization.