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High natural background at Ramsar

The January/February 1998 issue of RSO Magazine has an article entitled
"Radiation - What Is Important? Public Perception and Reaction" by Mark
Hart of Los Alamos National Lab. In the two charts in figures 2 & 3,
there is a very high dose rate of 48 rem/yr listed for Ramsar or
Ramsari, Iran (its listed both ways on the charts). I asked the author
for some references, and his reply was: "I have two references. One is
an IAEA document from a conference held in Ramsar in 1990. The other is
a text by Luckey. The 48 rem is from Luckey. The Ramsar IAEA document
refered to potential indoor and outdoor gamma doses of 9 mR per hour."  

Does anyone have more information on the dose rates in Ramsar (Ramsari),
Iran and the source of this high natural background?

Bruce Pickett
The Boeing Company, Seattle, WA