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Re: High natural background at Ramsar

In a message dated 4/6/98 08:46:55 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
Bruce.Pickett@PSS.Boeing.com writes:

<<...in the two charts in figures 2 & 3,  there is a very high dose rate of 48
rem/yr listed for Ramsar or  Ramsari, Iran >>

Bruce - 
Luckey in his book Radiation Hormesis quotes the Ramsari, Iran background
radiation level, but at a level of 4.8 rem/yr, I think.  This is the "risk"
(there's that word again!) of speaking from memory rather than having the
actual reference on hand.  Does any Radsafer have Dr. Luckey's book to help us
find out which of these figures is correct?  In any event, I believe Luckey
attributed the elevated background rate to be due to an uncommonly high
concentration of uranium/throium in the soils of Ramsari.

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