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Re: High natural background at Ramsar

...in the two charts in figures 2 & 3,  there is a very high dose rate of 48
rem/yr listed for Ramsar or  Ramsari, Iran 

Does any Radsafer have Dr. Luckey's book to help us
find out which of these figures is correct?

Ramsari, 7-480 mGy/yr 
Kerala, India, 4-13 mGy/yr
parts of Brazil, 2-20 mGy/yr
Araxi-Tapira, Brazil, 35 mGy/yr

(Luckey, 1991, p. 14, referenced in his text)

In addition, Kondo (1993) reported on high background areas in China of
about 0.5 mSv/yr, again referencing other sources for these measurements.

The opinions expressed above are well-reasoned and insightful.  Needless to
say, they are not those of my employer. (with apologies to Michael Feldman)		

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