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Al HPS chapter

Where When do you meet???
Mark Steinbuchel, CHCM
Alternate Radiation Safety Officer
Huntsville Hospital System

We just hosted the National Mid-year meeting in Feb. in Mobile.  Our
chapter's annual meeting is coming up June 5-6 in Gulf Shores.  We have
a block of rooms reserved.  We would dearly love to have you as a member
of the chapter   and, just for you (or anyone else), will enroll you as
a full voting member for a nominal fee of $15.00 U.S. ( I hope this
doesn't set off a currency unit debate).  E-mail me personally and I
will gladly give you more info.

Mike Mitchell

Michael. T. Mitchell
Health Physicist

Tennessee Valley Authority
Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant
Phone: (205) 729-2401
Fax: (205) 729-3157