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SCCHPS Silverman Award

Southern California Radsafers:

The Southern California Chapter of the Health Physics Society 
established the Silverman Memorial Award in 1964 to honor Mr. Louis 
B. Silverman as a charter member of the Chapter. The Louis B. 
Silverman Award is made to a graduate student in the general field of 

The field of Radiobiology will be considered as including Biophysics, 
Environmental Health and Safety, Health Physics, Nuclear Medicine, 
Radiation Biology, Radiation Chemistry and the use of radionuclides 
in the elucidation of scientific knowledge.

The Memorial Fund Committee shall solicit nominations from schools 
in the Southern California area which have graduate schools in the 
field of Radiobiology. Names of qualified students, together with a 
statement of qualifications, may be submitted to the Memorial Fund 
Committee for consideration. 

The award recipient selected by the Memorial Fund Committee will 
receive $500. Applicants should send or fax their applications to me 
by May 8, 1997.

Chuck Pickering
Past-President, SCCHPS
(213) 342-2200
(213) 342-2201 Fax