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RE: surplus equipment

Dear Stuedemann:   I am requesting you through  this   communication that I 
am interested in taking the TLD reader  and the MDH 1015   X-ray  monitor. 
These   wil be given away to the Superspeciality  Hospital, in  India 
providing  free  medical service  to all. The Radiology  dept has 16  X-ray 
units, including a cath lab.  Your   instruments   would be quite useful, 
even though they may be  old   versions.  You may write to me at   Rad. 
Safety Unit, 1870  Albert St. Regina, Sask S4P 3V7 Canada or send them  to 
 this address. Please  mark    "Of   No Commercial l Value" as Custom's 
Declaration; otherwise  duty may have to be paid.     I  will arrange once 
things are cleared from your  side to take them to India  for  further  use.



Vaidy Bala