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Re: Outdoor Rn measurements (background) -Reply

See "Radioactivity in the Environment" pp. 68-70 for a brief discourse on
the reasons for this phenomenon.  Atmospheric conditions (temperature,
pressure) and soil moisture are probably the most likey factors.

Ron Kathren

At 01:31 PM 4/8/98 -0500, LIPTONW@detroitedison.com wrote:
>You wrote: 
> "Brian Rees" <brees@lanl.gov> 04/08/98 01:40pm >>> 
>We see Rn levels go up in Dec/Jan each year, and have accepted this as fact, 
> but does anyone have available data that supports this?  I have found some  
>daily, and hourly data, but was hoping to find the data already summarized. 
>Thanks in advance