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Outdoor Rn measurements (background) -Reply

The NRC NUREG-1501 "Background as a Residual Radioactivity Criterion
for Decommissioning" generally concurs with previous responses -
"Outdoor radon levels vary over time because of weather
conditions...the seasonal minimum in the winter is about three times
lower than the seasonal maximum that occurs in August." (p. 16)  This
report also has a graph that shows Rn variation over a period of years.

Eric Abelquist

>>> D1.OUT."brees@lanl.gov" 04/08/98 01:40pm >>>
We see Rn levels go up in Dec/Jan each year, and have accepted this as
 but does anyone have available data that supports this?  I have found
daily, and hourly data, but was hoping to find the data already

Thanks in advance

Brian Rees