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Re: measuring devices


You might try the manufacturers of scrap monitoring systems, especially if
the decommissioning involves larger masses (barrels to cut up plate and
structural).   These systems have the ability to detect gamma,
bremsstrahlung from beta (at a reasonably high beta flux), and neutrons.  
They will not detect beta itself or alpha.   The sensitivities are capable
in some to detect down to a few Bq/g, provided the mass is large (few
tons).   Obviously, increasing the concentration would permit detection in
smaller masses.   These systems operate automatically and have been
designed to monitor trucks and rail cars.   The algorithms follow
background, subtract background, run statistical tests on the data and take
into account the reduction in background caused by the vehicle.   I am not
sure where you are located, but the manufacturers that I am familiar with
that sell internationally are listed below.   Their phone numbers are:

Bicron  (800-472-5656) 
Eberline (505-471-3232)
Exploranium (905-712-3100)
Ludlum (800-622-0828)
Rados (410-740-1440)

A. LaMastra
> From: Jean-Charles ABBE <abbe@in2p3.fr>
> To: Multiple recipients of list <radsafe@romulus.ehs.uiuc.edu>
> Subject: measuring devices
> Date: Thursday, April 09, 1998 3:07 AM
> Within the framework of the decommissioning of nuclear sites and for the
> control of the levels of radioactivity of the wastes, noticeably for the
> Very Low Activities, VLA (few to 100 Bq/g), various equipments are being
> used. I would be interested to get documentation on equipments for :
> - radioactivity measurements in situ (ex : imaging of the radioactivity
> a contaminated area)
> - control of barrels, containers, ..
> - gates with total activity measurements or with identification of
> at minimum with rejection of natural radioactivity, and possibly with
> software to account for the  attenuation of the radiation in the
> (possibly a truck).
> Thanks for any contribution.
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