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grad school determination


I'm sorry to beat the subject of graduate school to death, but there
were a number of you who responded to my query several weeks ago when I
was debating between two graduate institutions.  Shortly after receiving
a number of responses (which I had hoped to respond to), the school
performed a system cleanup and somehow erased all of my email messages
(imagine that).  Unfortunately, this time of year is extremely hectic
for any undergraduate senior (or any college student, for that matter),
and I haven't been able to get this message out until now.

There were some of you who wanted me to let you know how everything
turned out.  If any of you wouldn't mind resending your email addresses
to me (in private, please, so that we won't clutter the system), I'll be
happy to let you know what I've decided to do after mentally compiling
the many voices of advice that were given.

Thanks again to all of you for your help in this matter.

Greg Gibbons