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RE: grad school determination

Dear Greg, these are some programs

Oregon State
Georgia Tech (distance video)
Rutgers canned their program  1.5 -2 years ago

Good Luck

Mary Aldrich
Tel  732 594 4730
Fax 732 594 7896

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> From: 	gibbgreg[SMTP:gibbgreg@isu.edu]
> Sent: 	Monday, April 13, 1998 11:31 AM
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> Subject: 	grad school determination
> Radsafers,
> I'm sorry to beat the subject of graduate school to death, but there
> were a number of you who responded to my query several weeks ago when I
> was debating between two graduate institutions.  Shortly after receiving
> a number of responses (which I had hoped to respond to), the school
> performed a system cleanup and somehow erased all of my email messages
> (imagine that).  Unfortunately, this time of year is extremely hectic
> for any undergraduate senior (or any college student, for that matter),
> and I haven't been able to get this message out until now.
> There were some of you who wanted me to let you know how everything
> turned out.  If any of you wouldn't mind resending your email addresses
> to me (in private, please, so that we won't clutter the system), I'll be
> happy to let you know what I've decided to do after mentally compiling
> the many voices of advice that were given.
> Thanks again to all of you for your help in this matter.
> Greg Gibbons