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RE: grad school determination


Thanks for responding to my email message.  I actually attending Oregon State as a freshman in their nuclear engineering department.  I loved my experience there.  I wasn't terribly impressed with their math department, however, and my first view of calculus scared me out of nuclear engineering.  I transferred as a sophomore for financial reasons to Salt Lake Community College, where I took calculus, physics, anatomy/physiology, etc.  I remember health physics, but the cost of returning to OSU rendered it a non-option.  I then moved to Idaho State where I am now.  Oregon State was an option up unitl recently for graduate school, but I have been offered a DOE AHP Fellowship to remain at ISU for my master's degree.  I'll probably do it for several reasons:  1) The program classes for waste management and decommissioning are more plentiful in ISU's engineering department than in most places (the health physics program is in the physics department, and the engineering department has a nuclear and environmental emphasis option -- separate programs completely---very unusual), 2) Financially more attractive, 3) Relocation for school won't be necessary, and 4) Remaining at the same institution, but attending completely different courses will allow me to diversify more than other institutions will allow me.

I'm still open to ideas (as these are only my own).  If you have any more thoughts, I'd be glad to hear them.  Thanks again for taking the time to respond.


(Use the same address:  gibbgreg@isu.edu  I'm using a different server for today only).

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Dear Greg, these are some programs

Oregon State
Georgia Tech (distance video)
Rutgers canned their program  1.5 -2 years ago

Good Luck

Mary Aldrich
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> Radsafers,
> I'm sorry to beat the subject of graduate school to death, but there
> were a number of you who responded to my query several weeks ago when I
> was debating between two graduate institutions.  Shortly after receiving
> a number of responses (which I had hoped to respond to), the school
> performed a system cleanup and somehow erased all of my email messages
> (imagine that).  Unfortunately, this time of year is extremely hectic
> for any undergraduate senior (or any college student, for that matter),
> and I haven't been able to get this message out until now.
> There were some of you who wanted me to let you know how everything
> turned out.  If any of you wouldn't mind resending your email addresses
> to me (in private, please, so that we won't clutter the system), I'll be
> happy to let you know what I've decided to do after mentally compiling
> the many voices of advice that were given.
> Thanks again to all of you for your help in this matter.
> Greg Gibbons