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Re: mercury

     By your comment, I infer that perhaps you are considering this as a 
     biohazard also.
     We had a similar problem back in 1995.  After much searching, we 
     were able to dispose of human serum containing mercury (400 ppm) as 
     merthiolate.  First, we had to inactivate the biohazard - we used a 
     product called Isolyzer- available through Laidlaw.  After 
     disinfection, it was shipped to:
     Laidlaw Environmental Services
     Thurso, Quebec
     phone: 819-9850110
     Our TSDF, Laidlaw (Northeast), Andover, MA 978-683-1002 was very 
     helpful with this.
     This may or may not help with your waste.
     Good luck!
     Maureen Gillis
     Regulatory/Safety Supervisor
     Chiron Diagnostics
     phone:  508-660-4207

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Subject: mercury
Author:  "Ramsey; Mary Jo" <MRamsey@cami3.com> at cclink
Date:    4/14/98 9:02 AM

I don't know how many radiation safety officers have radiation safety under 
the hazardous material sub-committee under the enviornment of care 
committee.  With this added dimension I have been tasked to find a company 
that will recycle/dispose of about 25 pounds (4 plastic containers) of 
mercury that has been "drained" out of various medical devices.  Does anyone 
have a source?
Mary Jo Ramsey
e-mail: mramsey@cami3.com