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Re: Tritium Contamination Detectors

Ludlum 43-110. Check it out at
It's a windowless gas proportional detector.  It works fine with
limitations: slow response, non-planar surfaces and wind can challenge
even the most patient surveyor.  In all fairness, the probe was taken on
a "field trip" recently and successfully identified tritium
contamination that originated with some damaged exit signs (multi-Curie

Craig Reed
Legacy Waste Project, ES&H, Lead HP
Bechtel Jacobs Company LLC
Oak Ridge

Doerr, Lawrence wrote:

> Does anyone know of a survey instrument capable of detecting fixed
> tritium contamination?  EG&G Berthold claims that the thin Mylar
> windowed LB 1230T1 is the only such detector.  If you have used this
> detector, please tell me what you think.
> Any and all comments are appreciated.
> Thanks
> doerrl@ria.army.mil