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Re: Road kill sampling method: -Reply

Mr. King --

So that I and perhaps others can better understand your posting, could you
please explain what "  probing about 200,000 dpm b/g" means.  I am not
familiar with the units, and would be curious as to exactly what 'probing'
means in the context you used, as well what instrument(s) was (were) used
and what the nuclides were. 

Many thanx.

Ron Kathren

   At 02:35 PM 4/17/98 -0500, jeff.king@srs.gov wrote:
>     This is not exactly my area of expertise here on Site, but my wife did 
>     work with the deer control people as a temp when she first moved into 
>     the area.  Your assessment of the lack of sport would not be terribly 
>     off-target.
>     I believe, but am not sure, that last year was the first year we ever 
>     found a deer high enough above background that it could not be 
>     released to the folks who kilt it.  I suppose there might be an ORPS 
>     report running around on this, but I'm not sure.
>     On a different note, there is an alligator that periodically makes its 
>     way into one of our retention basins.  Yesterday a subcontractor was 
>     working on sediment removal when he showed back up.  Animal control 
>     captured him and then had to "put him to sleep" as he was probing 
>     about 200,000 dpm b/g.
>     Just some of the joys of working in an outdoor nuclear facility.
>     Jeff King
>     DOE Facility Representative
>     Savannah River Operations Office 
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>Subject: Road kill sampling method: -Reply
>Author:  MFORD@pantex.com at Mailhub
>Date:    4/13/98 11:47 AM
>The Savannah River Site holds (or used to hold) an annual deer 
>hunt (more like a harvest) to cull the deer population to a
>sustainable size.  There's not much sport to it... really just a blast 
>fest, but the desired result is achieved.  A few feral hogs got in the 
>way also.
>The deer are field-dressed on site and monitored for Cs-137 content 
>before being released.  I believe SRS's environmental sampling 
>group may also participate in this activity.
>Interestingly enough, it was found that Cs-137 concentrations were 
>relatively constant throughout most of the deer populations in the 
>Southeast and largely attributable to fallout.  Not SRS operations.
>Perhaps an SRS RADSAFEr could provide a more recent picture. 
>My opinions only.
>Michael S. Ford, CHP
>Texas Radiation Advisory Board
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