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Hi all,

Here is the June Health Physics Journal, Table of Contents. 

Bruce Busby
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Schedule of Contents
Volume 74, No. 6,  June 1998


History of the Health Physics Society
Karl Z. Morgan					Page - 639

History of the International Radiation Protection 
Karl Z. Morgan					Page - 644


On-Line Catalogs
Bruce Busby      					Page - 646                       

Soil Ingestion by Humans:  A Review of History, 
Data, and Etiology with Application to Risk 
Assessment of Radioactively Contaminated Soil
Steven L. Simon					Page - 647


Multifractal Analysis of the 137Cs Fallout Pattern 
in Austria Resulting from the Chernobyl Accident
Gerhard Pausch, Peter Bossew, Werner Hofmann,
and Ferdinand Steger 				Page - 673

Geographical Distribution of Radiation Risk in the 
Martien P. M. Jannsen, Roelf O. Blaauboer, and 
Mathieu J. M. Pruppers				Page - 677

Environmental Contamination and Assessment of 
Doses from Radiation Releases in the Southern
I. I. Kryshev, G. N. Romanov, T. G. Sazykina, L.N. 
Isaeva, J. R. Trabalka, and B. G. Blaylock    		Page - 687

Calculation of the Effective Dose and Its Variation
Environmental Gamma Ray Sources 
Kimiaki Saito, Nina Petoussi-Henss, and Maria 
Zankl  						Page - 698

Dose Reconstruction for Residents Living in 
60Co-Contaminated Rebar Buildings
C. J. Tung, T. C. Chao, T. R. Chen, 
F. Y. Hsu, I. T. Lee, S. L. Chang, C. C. Liao, 
and W. L. Chen					Page - 707

Indoor Radon Prediction from Soil Gas 
N. R. Varley and A. G. Flowers				Page - 714


LET Dependence of Dicentric Yields in Human 
Lymphocytes Induced by Low Doses of Sparsely
Ionizing Radiations and Its Implication for Risk
E. Schmid and M. Bauchinger				Page - 719


Comment on a Review of Probability of Causation 
and Its Use in a Compensation Scheme for Nuclear
Industry Workers in the UK
Donald E. Jose  					Page - 722

Response to Jose
R. Wakeford, Beverly A. Antell, and William J. 
Leigh						Page - 723

Comments and Corrections on the Contaminated 
Rebar Incident in Taiwan
Yi-Bin Chen					Page - 723

Response to Chen
Wushou P. Chang and Jung Der Wang			Page - 724

Issues in the Dose-Response Analysis of the Mayak 
Case Control Study
Jan Beyea					Page - 726

Response to Beyea
Z. Tokarskaya					Page - 727

BOOK REVIEWS                                                              

Environmental Law Handbook
Environmental Statutes
Environmental Regulatory Glossary
Reviewed by Michael T. Ryan				Page - 729

OSHA CFR92s Made Easy
Reviewed by Michael T. Ryan				Page - 729

Radioprotectors: Chemical, Biological, 
and Clinical Perspectives
Reviewed by William R. Hendee			Page - 730

Radon Measurements by Etched 
Track Detectors
Reviewed by Thomas Gesell				Page - 730


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