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Re[2]: React magazine and NIRS site -Reply

     I, too, think this would be an excellent idea.  We should, however, be 
     careful not to try to "out-green" the enviros: e.g., there is junk 
     science in some of the global warming arguments also, and the 
     greenhouse effect is not some heavenly gift to the nuclear industry.  
     I believe we can be most convincing by being realistic, even if 
     realism isn't flashy.  For example: how much do we spend as a nation 
     on mitigating very speculative risks?  Wouldn't this be better spent 
     environmentally on public lands preservation, for example.  Another 
     example: do we need to take another look at laws like Superfund and 
     RCRA?  How much "cleanup" or "cleanup per dollar spent" have they 
     really accomplished?  What are the environmental benefits of electric 
     power? water treatment?  Way back when NEPA was enacted by Congress, 
     we referred to it as the "Consultants' Relief Act of 1970" and so it 
     has proved to be.  Also the "Lawyers' Relief Act."
     I spoke at the very first Earth Day in 1970, and the major impact of 
     our speeches was that the ideas for environmental assessment, 
     pollution control, environmental preservation, etc. were brand new to, 
     and unexpected by, most of the audience.  I think we need to present 
     ideas that we may have had for a long time (just as the environmental 
     movement had had the Earth Day ideas for a long time) but they will be 
     new to a lot of people.
     If we are going to do this, we need a focused plan.  Any ideas?
     Clearly only my own opinion
     Ruth F. Weiner
     Transportation Systems Department
     Sandia National Laboratories
     fax 505-844-0244

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Subject: RE: React magazine and NIRS site -Reply
Author:  jkey@mail.state.tn.us at hubsmtp
Date:    4/24/98 10:30 AM

I like the idea of doing a "Green" campaign for next earth day.  I am not 
real knowledgable about designing web sites but have a friend who
does it for a living.  If I can be any help in getting this off the ground 
please let me know.