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Re: Liquid Scintillation Counters


I currently have a Packard 2300TR, and I have access to a fairly current
Beckman 6800 and a Wallac of uncertain age.  They are all well built
machines, that have their own individual quirks.   I seem to prefer the
Packard the most, most likely due to my quirks, but I know other people
that prefer the Beckman's or Wallac's quirks the most.

I'm sure that just about whoever you talk to can tell a few horror stories
regarding "lemon" LSC's or uncaring Service Reps, but so far I have had
very good luck with the LSC's that are used by both myself and the
researchers on my campus.

At my location we can have Packard or Beckman Service Personnel on site in
less than a day, but our Wallac Service Rep. is located very far away.

I have not had any serious breakdowns that couldn't wait a day or two in
the last eight years, but this could influence your decision.

W. Scott Rone
Rad. Safety Coord.
Univ. of MS, Health & Safety Dept.
200 Old Power Plant Rd.
University, MS  38677
Fax 601-232-5480