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Re[2]: React magazine and NIRS site -Reply -Reply

Radsafers -
   I'd like to join the chorus in support of a web site,
developed for the next earth day, that would present the truth
as we know it about radiation in a form that is
understandable by those who are concerned about the earth.
    I agree that such a project needs professional society
support but would like to see it as an entity separate from
any one particular organization.
   In content, I'd like to see it be selective, rather than all
-inclusive, and I hope it could avoid the stridency of
   We could develop or adapt articles on subjects of interest
that have a broad consensus support within the profession. 
They have to be lively enough to interest and intrigue their
readers  I suggest there be different areas of the site
addressed to one or more of the following different audiences:
 elementary school children and their teachers; middle
schoolers and their teachers; high school students in general
and those who are highly interested in scientific subjects,
and their teachers;  college students not specializing in
scientific subjects; reporters (I recently came across an
insurance industry website that had a "Handbook for
Reporters");  politicians, lawyers, clergymen, doctors, other
professionals; laymen generally interested in environmental
issues; and  environmentalists who are not hopelessly
   How can I join this noble enterprise?.

Only the opinion of
Joyce Davis