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RE: React magazine and NIRS site

>do a "cool" rad site. 
        I think a public-information type web page for rad stuff would be
great - and I wouldn't mind helping.  Here's some information about web pages.
        It costs $100 a year to have a domain name registered with Internic,
about $50 to have a server set up the domain name and about $60 a month for
about 20 MByte of space with unlimited access to update pages.  I've already
looked up "www.RadSmart.com" and "www.RadiationTruth.com" and both are
available.  Unfortunately www.Radiation.com is already taken.  Whoever else
is interested and has some names they want to check they can go to
http://rs.internic.net/ and select the Whois database.
        You're in charge Gary, what's next!
- George Harder (gharder@perma-fix.com) 
There are 3 kinds of people: those who can count & those who can't.